Ann Amesbury has completed transcribing the following:

  1. The typewritten 1939 register for the Wedmore area which, in all likelihood, would have been used to record all men of an age to fight in the war.
  2. Wedmore St. Mary’s Church Baptisms from 1852 -1915.
  3. Wedmore Wesleyan Methodists Banwell Circuit Baptisms from 1801 – 1913.
  4. Theale  Christchurch Theale (nr Wedmore) Baptisms from 1828 – 1912.

Other Genealogy Records for Wedmore Parish can be found at the website Holy Trinity Church, Blackford (Records).

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View the 1911 Wedmore, Blackford and Theale Census. Courtesy of Ann Amesbury. :

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I have researched about 100 old Wedmore families (families living in the village, not the name) and would be pleased to share information with anyone.

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A recent reply from one of our followers Nov ’22



My family tree hobby began over 10 years ago. My father who is Napier started first. He wanted to do a presentation for his father’s 80th. It wasn’t until a couple of years after my Grandfather’s passing in 2006, that my interest grew. My father had discovered that his 2nd great Great Grandfather, John Giles was actually baptised as Nipper in 1854. We have a whole mystery saga evolving around John, over his disappearance from the census for 20 years, and changing of names. At one point he was called James.

We discovered that the Nipper family came from Winscombe. Up until I got to Robert Nipper 1660 – 1688 not much is known of him, or his wife and children. But research suggests his father could be, John/Johannes Nipper, who was born in 1636 and baptised in Wedmore in 1637. Ancestry shows John’s father to be Edwardi Napper. Edwardi has been recorded as passing in 1669 Wedmore, as a pauper. Here lies my brick wall……

Edward married at least twice. Maria, and Jane/Jana/Janae Manship of Stoughton, Wedmore. I know Napper children were born, but struggling to trace Napper on Ancestry, I don’t trust all the hints. Other family trees seem to have Edwardi born 1610 – 1615. The closest date I could find for an Edward Napper was 1607 High Ham, father John Napper. This relationship is an assumption!

I have reasons to believe Napier/Nipper/Napper are one of the same names, but not all adopted name changes. I’m stuck at Edwardi. His parents, siblings and the other Napper families, I grew up thinking I was connected to John Napier of Merchiston until I discovered, it wasn’t quite that simple…

Becky Napier

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